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About the new book...

My new book is out. I wrote it for several pressing reasons.

First, today we need, not incremental school reform, but a new paradigm of what schooling can and must be in our high-tech, high-risk, global world.

Second, while digital media holds out great promise for powerful learning and problem solving, digital and social media today are more often used to divide and isolate people into ideological echo-chambers uncommitted to evidence, discussion across differences, and collaboration.

Educators need to become more proactive and thoughtful in how we use new technologies to design for collaboration, understanding, continuous learning, respect for evidence, collective intelligence, and real problem solving in an imperiled society and world.

Our divided world was long in the making and digital technologies contributed greatly to making that divided world. We need now to think outside the box to undo these divides and get to work harnessing the powers of new technologies for pragmatic problem solving and the sorts of critical discussions across different viewpoints that such problem solving requires in a democratic society.