The Examined Life Part 2

But then

It’s probably best to ask


Why you are sick,

If you are sick.

And to ask

Why you are not sick

If you aren’t and should be.

Did you poison yourself or did someone else do it to you?

Or are you being slowly poisoned and don’t know it?

The U.S. today is filled with inequality


Legal crime

And the biggest redistribution of wealth in history

From the bottom to the top.

The rich have rigged the world

To take away your child’s future

And country

And birthright.

Humans thrive,

If and only if

They feel they matter.

This country makes less and less people feel they matter—

Except as fodder for scams—


The unexamined life is worth living

If and only if

You crave industrial food and an industrial-sized shafting of you and your kids.

But if you still have the capacity—not for hope—but for anger,

Then the unexamined life is the way of the coward.

Do not go gently into that good night.

You matter,

If you think about it

And act on it.

It’s called, by old Greeks, the examined life.

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